Pelleting of Horse Manure - Project

The practice has been working closely with Sizer Limited, a Rotherham-based firm, in establishing a business which transforms horse manure, and its associated waste bedding, into pellets that can be used as a fertiliser or as a renewable energy source for biomass burning.

The company has set up a small procesing plant at its engineering works in Rotherham and 20 litre tubs of manure pellets are now finding their way into garden centres and allotments around South Yorkshire and beyond. The product is being marketed under the name of "Growplus" and should anyone want to sample the product please contact us by email ( or by telephone (0114 2872228).

Sizer Limited manufactures pelleting machines and spare parts and we are actively discussing with equestrian establishments (racecourses, studs, livery yards etc) the possibility of setting up their own cottage industry plants to pelletise home-produced horse manure and to burn it on accredited biomass boilers to produce their own energy on site. A key advantage of this appraoch is that, inaddition to directly reducing energy costs, and possibly carbon taxes, producers will benefit from the government's heat incentive tariff.

We are also in the process of testing the product as a suitable biomass fuel with a view to getting the product into the supply chain alongside wood pellets and woodchip which are becoming increasingly expensive as the demand growth outstrips supply.

Should the demand for manure pellets continue to grow, it is Sizer's intention to set up bigger plants in the Rotherham area and in Derbyshire. The whole approach is incremental and PPS will continue to support the devlopment of the business and deal with any planning and architectural issues that emerge.

Article posted 22 October 2011

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