Aston, Swallownest Community Sports Association - Project

The Senior Partner, Jim Gale OBE, is involved with local community gorganisations, including Swallownest MW Football Club and Swallownest Miners' Welfare, in promoting the use of the welfare facilities for the wider community.

We have agreed to help the welfare trustees to draft a planning brief and business plan for the development of the site (on a pro bono basis) and to help them to secure planning permission and grants for specific projects identified in the plans.

As a first step, planning permision is being sought for the erection of floodlights around the football pitch and for security fencing around the whole site. Grant applications will also be submitted to approprate funding agencies to partly fund these facilties which are aimed at encouraging people to play more sport and to support existing sports teams to be more successful.

Article posted 22 October 2011

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