About Profile Planning Services.

Profile Planning Services is an experienced planning and development consultancy in South Yorkshire which has been established for over 25 years.

The Practice offers planning advice and guidance to clients from all sectors of the development industry, including;

  • residential
  • commercial
  • education
  • sport and leisure
  • equestrian

We work closely with other professions (architects, surveyors, accountants, landscape architects, engineers and innovation technology consultants) who can offer specialist advice on more complex projects. This enables us to provide a comprehensive, professional service for our clients to produce deliverable, cost effective and sustainable solutions.

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Key Consultancy Assignments

  1. Jockey Club
    1992 - Led the team, commissioned by the Jockey Club, that established the racing industry's first ever awarding body for the accreditation of vocational qualifications. This continues to operate as the British Horseracing Education and Standards Trust (BHEST).
  2. South Yorkshire Training Trust (SYTT)
  3. 2002 - 1.3m Residential Project for students at the NRC. The Senior Partner managed the project for the SYTT, drafting the planning brief, contributing to the preparation of the Scheme Design Report, securing the funding (Coalfields Regeneration Trust, Single Regeneration Budget, Horserace Betting Levy Board and private donations) and delivering the project on time and within budget. The building is fully operational and provides accommodation for up to 50 students and guests at any one time.
  4. British Horseracing Board
    2004 - Organised the first ever conference on Training in the Racing Industry at Doncaster Racecourse at the request of the Department of Culture Media and Sport (DCMS).
  5. South Yorkshire Training Trust (SYTT)
    2007 - £750,000 Visitor Centre for the St Leger Horse Park. The Senior Partner managed the process for the SYTT. drafting the planning brief, appointing the design team, securing the funding (Objective 1/Defra grant, Horserace Betting Levy Board grant, Bank Loan) and working with the main contractor throughout the contract period. The project was completed within budget and on time and is now fully operational.
  6. South Yorkshire Training Trust (SYTT)
    1990-2008 - Wrote every annual Corporate and Financial Plan. These important documents helped the Trust and the NRC to satisfy external auditors/inspectors that the business was run efficiently and properly and that its financial and corporate governance systems were in good order. This document helped the organisation to obtain and retain Investors in People status and to achieve Grade 1 (Outstanding) Status following an inspection by the then Adult Learning Inspectorate (now part of (Ofsted) in 2006. Back to Top

Key Career Achievements

  1. South Yorkshire County Council;
    1984-2006 - Proposed and created the South Yorkshire Apprentice Racing Training School (now the Northern Racing College) in his capacity as Head of the Planning and Development Section of the Employment Promotion and Development Unit. Went on to establish a registered charity in 1986, following the abolition of the metropolitan counties. The NRC is now one of the most respected specialist racing schools in the world which has been responsible for the training of over 3,000 students. Some, like Hayley Turner, have gone on to become top jockeys.
  2. Planning Inspectorate
    1986-1999 - Wrote 1,284 appeal decision letters as a Consultant Planning Inspector.
  3. European Racing Schools (EARS)
    2000 -
    After helping the Italians set up a racing school at San Rossore (Jim is a lifelong member of the San Rossore Racecourse) in Italy, helped to establish the European Association of Racing Schools .
  4. Pioneers in the Life of the Nation
    13 October 2003 – Her Majest the Queen invited the Senior Partner to attend a Reception at Buckingham Palace to mark the contribution of pioneers to the life of the nation – the Senior Partner was the only person from the equestrian world to be invited.
  5. South Yorkshire Training Trust
    2007 - Worked closely with the author, John Cornwell, on the production of a book entitled "Realising the Dream: History of the Northern Racing College 1984 to 2007". This gives a comprehensive account of the work that went into developing this institution, one of only two racing schools in the country
  6. Various Clients
    1986-2010 - Undertook over 100 projects for planning clients, including planning applications and appeals. Back to Top